I feel as if chocolate truffles are essentially modern-day manna sent down from the gods. I picture Zeus, in his Greek-god kitchen donning his “#1 God” apron, mixing chocolate truffles up with the dust of unicorns and then shooting them down to earth with Cupid’s arrows. Because have you ever heard someone say, “I just don’t like chocolate truffles.”? No, because no one has ever said that (unless they were bad truffles, in which case the maker of said bad truffles should never be allowed into the kitchen).

So in the last year I’ve set out to perfect my own chocolate truffles. The first chocolate truffles recipe I did last year for St. Patrick’s Day, and was an Irish whiskey chocolate truffles recipe with Nutella. I thought they were good, but I tested them out on my friend, travel expert and tastemaker, Rachel Rudwall, who responded with, “SWEET BABY JESUS THESE TRUFFLES. Best things that exist in the universe.” Folks, the people have spoken.

Chocolate Truffles with Rum Recipe

However, last week, being Halloween and with Thanksgiving coming up, I thought it was time to go next level. Partly inspired by the Food Network and Joy of Baking, I took my original recipe and added to it, this time replacing the bourbon with rum (since I was a pirate for Halloween after all). I subbed out the Nutella filling with crushed Nutter Butter cookies and pecans, and then dipping them in white chocolate. Naturally, I topped each with a piece of candy corn. And voila, a chocolate truffles with rum recipe was born. Ladies and gentleman, I believe we’ve found a winner.

Sharing is caring, right? So today I’m sharing with you my peanut butter chocolate truffles with rum recipe. However, play around with your favorite spirit of choice, and make it your own. Weekday upgrade!