Passports with Purpose: Give Back to Africa, Win Travel

Ladies and gents, it is officially my favorite time of year (okay, so perhaps except […]

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Traveling with Purpose in Africa on Safari

If you had 3-4 days in Africa and could go anywhere and do anything, where […]

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A Budget Africa Safari for Less Than $1,000, Part Two

I’m just going to go ahead and say it again: There is no place that’s […]

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A Budget Africa Safari for Less Than $1,000, Part One

Let me begin by saying that if you have an aversion to sweat, dry climate, […]

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Off the Beaten Path in the Western Cape of South Africa

Quick, when you hear about South Africa’s Western Cape, what comes to mind? Well Cape […]

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Photo Essay: A Tour in Photos of Chobe National Park in Botswana, Africa

It was just a month ago this week that I was in the bush of […]

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Photo Essay: 18 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Botswana Okavango Delta

I now know what I would tell someone if they came to me and asked, […]

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The Drinks of South Africa

Quick, when you think of the drinks of South Africa, what comes to mind? Bueller? […]

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Photo Essay: A Mad Max-Like Tour of Namibia, Africa

Of all the places I’ve ever visited, there’s no place that’s as otherworldly as Namibia. […]

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Daily Africa Travelogue From Botswana

If you could take one trip to Southern Africa and do anything you wanted, what […]

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