Dubai Photo Essay

You guys, Dubai. Wow. I recently returned from a whirlwind 72 hours in Dubai (and nearby […]

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Craft Beer Tour of Adelaide, South Australia

Quick, when you think Australian drinks, what do you think of? Perhaps the first thing that […]

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Food Adventure on the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia

You guys, South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula is one of the wildest, most fascinating places I’ve […]

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Travel guide to Rottnest Island in Western Australia

SPOILER: Western Australia’s Rottnest Island (affectionately called “Rotto” by locals) may be the most stupid-beautiful […]

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Photo Essay: A Tour of South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula

It felt appropriate to take my own little tour of South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula on my […]

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Photo Essay: A tour of Rottnest Island in Western Australia

You guys, Rottnest Island may just be the most beautiful island I’ve ever visited. Or […]

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First-Time Trip to Western and South Australia

My reasons for having never been to Australia can be summed up by being afraid. […]

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Photo Essay: Okinawa, Japan

There are a lot of destinations in Asia that I had pictured being the place […]

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What a Karate Class in Okinawa Taught me About the World

I stand in the corner of the room, watching inconspicuously as each kid follows the […]

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