9 Jet Lag Travel Tips

For all the perks that travel has, I’d be lying if I said that it […]

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Life List: Learning to Snowboard

As I slowed to a stop, I plopped into the snow, falling spread eagle and yelling […]

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30 Must-Have Mobile Travel Apps

It’s time for another guest appearance (okay, now I just sound like a talk show […]

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What’s in my Bag: Must-have travel tech gear

Apart from the questions of where someone should travel to, the most frequently asked questions […]

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Bucket List Trip: A Quebec Food and Drink Road Trip

If you could take one trip, and it was the last trip you could ever […]

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Why You Should Travel to South Africa Now

As I wring the last piece of clothing that I’ve just hand-washed from the bathtub […]

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Friday Photos (#FriFotos): Skies From Around the World

Anyone who follows me on Twitter or Instagram knows that I love sky photos, and […]

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Guide to Traveling to All 30 MLB Ballparks

What a glorious week! The National Championship to start the week (Go Duke!). National Beer Day […]

The Case for Microadventures

I feel like one of the most vivid scenes from The Hobbit is as Bilbo is […]

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Travel Gear to Never Leave Home

What is the one travel item you absolutely can’t leave at home? Or perhaps, the top […]

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