5 Unique Summer Vacation Rentals to Book

Cue music, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince…summer, summer, summertime. Queue up the summer […]

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Coming to America: Travel in 2017 to America

Disclaimer: This is a far cry, from my typical travel landscape photos, sunsets, and drink […]

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2016 in Travel Photos

When 2016 started, one of my goals for the year was to invest the year […]

My 7 Favorite Fall Getaways in the U.S.

Ladies and gents, it is officially fall. AND, I’ve already seen snow. What the heck? Early […]

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My Top National Parks in America

Ladies and gents, dust off your fine china, pull out that fancy bottle of bubbles, […]

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National Parks Tour in Photos

You guys, this is going to be the best summer ever. I mean the long-awaited […]

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Barbecue and Beer Tour of North Carolina

Y’all, barbecue is to North Carolina what pizza is to New York. And while many […]

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North Carolina Craft Brewery Road Trip

Ladies and gentleman, pour yourself a pint, because it is National Beer Day. Yes, that […]

Celebrating Craft Beer with North Carolina Beer Month

Y’all, it’s the first week of April, and do you know what that means? No, […]

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30 of the Best Things to Do in Philadelphia

Spring Break! Which is just what I’m doing. So I asked my good friend, storyteller, […]

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