You guys, churros and chocolate whiskey sauce! If this is wrong, I don’t want to be right. I really don’t know when I had my first churro, which sounds a bit like the history of churros, which no one seems to know the exact origin of. Some say it began with Spanish shepherds, while others claim it originated in China by Portuguese merchants who discovered something similar and decided to recreate it. What can’t be argued is that they’re delicious, and that I’ve had a lot of them, especially at baseball games. What am I supposed to do when someone is waving what amounts to a Spanish version of a cruller donut in my face?

Recently, my friend and pastry connoisseur Beth Meyer went to Spain, where evidently churros are about as common of a breakfast item as croissants are in France. Why didn’t I think of this? I’ll never eat a S’mores Pop-Tart again. Naturally, being the pastry chef that Beth is, she recreated the Spanish delicacy, making her own churros recipe. So it was only appropriate to challenge Beth to create a whiskey version. Which essentially entails adding a couple tablespoons of whiskey to the chocolate sauce.

Churros recipe: Churros with chocolate sauce

As Beth discusses in her original post, churros are essentially fried pastry dough made from Choux paste, which is also used in dessert recipes like eclairs and profiteroles (cream puffs). All you really need to have is a large star pastry nozzle and disposable pastry bags. Most everything else you probably have in the kitchen. See the full churros recipe below from Beth.