It’s Friday, which can only mean one thing. Okay, maybe it means a few things, since today is in fact World Sauntering Day (no, seriously). But for our purposes, it’s Friday Photos, or rather #FriFotos, a weekly event held on Twitter when people from around the world share photos about a specific topic using the #FriFotos hashtag (founded by Jonathan Epstein). You can often find me sharing photos with the #FriFotos hashtag, and I’ve even hosted it a couple times. This week’s topic has a special place for me. No, it’s not sharks, hot on the heels of the debut of Sharknado, nor is it mermaids, despite the Discovery Channel’s recent mermaid documentary. It is, however, the topic of boats, which if you know anything about me, is near and dear to my heart. So today, I feature a few of my favorite “I’m on a boat” photos from my travels. Cue music, T-Pain and The Lonely Island (not safe for work).

Lake Powell at Antelope Canyon

Navigating the narrow waterways between Antelope Canyon

Alaska Glacier Bay

Alaska's Glacier Bay from aboard Norwegian Cruise Line

Sunset over Lake Powell

The sun sets over Lake Powell aboard a sunset cruise

Amsterdam canal

I'm *almost* on a boat along a canal in Amsterdam

Whale watching in Juneau, Alaska

Aboard a whale-watching boat outside of Juneau, Alaska

Monkeys on a boat in Costa Rica

Monkeying around in Costa Rica at Palo Verde National Park

Sunset in Alaska

Sunset over snow-capped mountains from the Alaskan waters

Alcatraz Island San Francisco

Approaching San Francisco's Alcatraz Island by ferry

Sunset Norwegian Cruise Line from Alaska

Watching the sunset in Alaska aboard Norwegian Cruise Line

Fish Hana Bay Maui

The scene below the boat (or kayak) in Maui at Hana Bay

Houseboat Lake Powell

Learning to pilot a houseboat on Lake Powell

Kayaking Maui's Hana Bay

Kayaking Maui's Hana Bay

Sailboat San Francisco

Setting sail in San Francisco

Palo Verde Costa Rica

Feeding the crocs at Palo Verde National Park in Costa Rica

Mombacho Volcano Nicaragua

The view of Mombacho Volcano from Lake Nicaragua


What have been your favorite boat experiences from your travels?