Bucket list, life list, vision board, wish list. Whether tangible or not, we all have a list of things we want to do in this life. Everyone has one, but the problem seems to be that no one seems to do anything on it. So on my 30th birthday a couple years ago, I added some urgency to my own list, resolving to do at least 30 things I had always wanted to do by the time my next birthday rolled around. But I didn’t do 30. I did 38.

Below you’ll see a couple lists, the first of which is my “30 at 30” List in its entirety, while the second is its by-product, a much longer list, in which each month I’ll be doing at least one thing from it that I’ve never done. Check back monthly when I’ll be writing about my latest adventure.

30 at 30

  1. Go paragliding. Paraglided over Upcountry Maui with Proflyght Paragliding.
  2. Get a tattoo. Tattoo of “Timshel” on my left wrist.
  3. Fly a plane. Flew a jet plane over the Nevada desert with Sky Combat Ace.
  4. Have dinner with a professional competitive eater. In Las Vegas at LBS.
  5. Drive an exotic/muscle car. Drove a Dodge Challenger SRT8 with World Class Driving through Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas.
  6. Experience March Madness in Las Vegas. Went the first weekend of March Madness and stayed at Red Rock Resort and Casino.
  7. Go to spring training. Attended a San Francisco Giants game at Tempe Diable Stadium.
  8. Attend a men’s NCAA basketball game during March Madness. Attended the West Regional Final at L.A.’s Staples Center between Wichita State and Ohio State.
  9. Set up an online dating profile and go on a date. I’ll save for the memoir.
  10. Start on a non-fiction book transcript. Began writing life/travel memoir.
  11. Learn to stand-up paddleboard from a Hawaiian. Learned to stand-up paddleboard at the Royal Hawaiian on Waikiki Beach, which in turn has become a hobby.
  12. Shoot an arrow from a castle. Shot numerous arrows from a castle in Spokane, Washington.
  13. Pilot a houseboat. Piloted a 75-foot houseboat on Lake Powell.
  14. Eat a cheesesteak….in Philly. Ate a cheesesteak at Jim’s Steaks.
  15. Ride in a float plane. Rode in a float plane from Seattle to Victoria on Kenmore Air.
  16. Drive a bulldozer. Drove a bulldozer with Dig This in Las Vegas.
  17. Go tidepooling. Went tidepooling at Kaunolu Village on the Hawaii island of Lanai.
  18. Go snuba diving. Went snuba diving at the Four Seasons Manele Bay on Lanai.
  19. Learn to play the ukulele. Learned to play the ukulele at the Lodge at Koele on Lanai.
  20. Go skeet shooting. Went clay pigeon shooting on the island of Lanai withLanai Grand Adventures.
  21. Attend the taping of a primetime television show in Los Angeles. Attended the season finale of NBC’s The Sing-Off.
  22. Sleep in a castle. Stayed overnight at Dalhousie Castle near Edinburgh, Scotland.
  23. Take a falconry class….at a castle. Took an intro falconry class, which included flying and feeding owls and falcons at Dalhousie Castle.
  24. Climb a volcano from base to peak. Hiked up the series of volcanic plugs in Edinburgh, Scotland, including Arthur’s Seat.
  25. Join a drinking society. Became a one-year member of the Scotch Whisky Appreciation Society.
  26. Visit the land of my ancestors. Spent a week in Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands.
  27. Go to an MLS soccer game. Attended a Seattle Sounders and L.A. Galaxy game in Seattle.
  28. Go heli-hiking. Boarded a helicopter near Canmore, Alberta to go heli-hiking.
  29. Visit a ski-in, ski-out lodge. It was more like snowboard-in, snowboard-out, but it counted at Sunshine Village near Banff, Alberta.
  30. Go dog sledding. Drove a dog sled with Snowy Owl Tours near Canmore, Alberta.
  31. Walk on water. Walked on a ice-covered lake deep in the wilderness of Southern Alberta.
  32. Learn to snowboard. Successfully learned to snowboard at Sunshine Villageand Lake Louise Ski Area in Southern Alberta, which like stand-up paddleboarding has become a new hobby.
  33. Visit a new continent. Traveled to Asia for the first time, spending a week in Okinawa, Japan.
  34. Go scuba diving. Went scuba diving in Okinawa, Japan with Benthos Divers.
  35. Take a karate lesson…at its place of origin. Took a one-hour karate lesson in Okinawa, Japan, which is where karate originated.
  36. Go to Disneyland. Got my pic with Mickey, Goofy, and Pluto!
  37. Go skinny dipping in the ocean. I won’t kiss and tell.
  38. Sleep in a yurt. Stayed overnight in a yurt in Yosemite National Park and woke up to snowfall to boot!


The List

  • Go to the airport without a ticket and book the first flight to a new destination. Went to the airport on my 31st birthday with only a carry-on bag and booked a flight to the Hawaii island of Kauai.
  • Go snowmobiling. Went snowmobiling for the first time deep in the cut of Lake Tahoe.
  • Brew my own batch of beer. Brewed my first batch of my own beer, a honey ale.
  • Go kayak fishing. Went kayak fishing with a guide in the backwaters of Panama City Beach, Florida.
  • Attend an NHL playoff game. Attended game six of the Los Angeles Kings versus the San Jose Sharks, which the Kings won and went onto win the Stanley Cup.
  • Ride in the tallest ferris wheel in the world. Rode on the High Roller, a 550-foot tall ferris wheel in Las Vegas.
  • Swim with stingrays. Swam with stingrays off the coast of Grand Cayman at Stingray City.
  • Ride in a hot air balloon. Went up in a hot air balloon over South Africa, just outside of Johannesburg.
  • Get published in a major daily newspaper. Published multiple times in the Sunday travel edition of the Los Angeles Times.
  • Get published in a major travel/outdoor magazine. Published in the travel section of Outside Magazine.
  • Be cast in an episode of a television show. Cast for an episode of FYI’s (A&E’s sister network) “Say It To My Face“.
  • Ride down a bobsled course….in a bobsled. Bobsledded in Whistler, British Columbia at the Whistler Sliding Centre (video proof).
  • Ride down an Olympic skeleton course in a sled. The day after bobsledding, I did the skeleton.
  • Attend the Academy Awards. Sat above the red carpet at the 2015 Academy Awards.
  • Complete the California Double of surfing and snowboarding all in one day. Paddle surfed in Malibu and snowboarded down Bear Mountain on its last day of the winter season.
  • Go fat tire biking in the snow. Bicycled over a lake in Whitefish, Montana on a fat tire bike.
  • Hike some of the highest sand dunes in the world in Namibia at Sossusvlei and Deadvlei. Hiked “Big Mama” and “Big Daddy”, two of Namibia tallest sand dunes.
  • Canoe down the Okavango Delta. Canoed down the Okavango Delta at Camp Okavango.
  • Visit the largest waterfall in the world. Visited Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, considered the largest in the world.
  • Hike to a bar atop a mountain. Hiked to the Top of the Notch, a ski lodge at 7,800-feet just outside of Los Angeles.
  • Take a waterfall shower in an actual waterfall. Took a shower underneath San Antonio Falls near Los Angeles.
  • Climb the tallest rock climbing wall in the world. Climbed the 164-foot tall BaseCamp outside of the Whitney Peak Hotel in Reno, Nevada.
  • Enter a cocktail competition. Entered a cocktail competition at Spoonbar in Healdsburg, California, finishing as a finalist.
  • Go summer dog sledding. Went summer dog sledding with Snow Caps Sled Dogs in Breckenridge, Colorado.
  • Attend one of the world’s largest beer festivals. Attended Denver’s Great American Beer Festival, featuring 3,500 beers, 750 breweries, and 60,000 attendees.
  • Attend a MLB playoff game. Watched the Mets vs. Dodgers at Dodger Stadium for the 2015 NLDS.
  • Visit the “Pretty Woman Suite” at the Beverly Wilshire in Los Angeles. Imbibed in cocktails in the famous Los Angeles penthouse suite.
  • Name a cocktail at a bar. Named a cocktail, the Bermuda Espress, at Culina at the Four Seasons Los Angeles.
  • Make my own liqueur. Created a batch of homemade limoncello.
  • Visit a new continent. Visited Australia (South Australia and Western Australia) for the first time.
  • Learn to sail. Sailed a Hobie Cat sailboat by myself on the Swan River in Perth, Australia.
  • Go diving for abalone. Went diving for abalone on the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia.
  • Age my own whiskey. Aged a mini barrel of white whiskey.
  • Attend a lucha libre (Mexican wrestling match). Attended a lucha libre and burlesque show, Lucha VaVOOM, on my birthday in Los Angeles.
  • Snowboard down a black diamond…without falling. Rode down a black diamond (and subsequent black diamonds since) at Mammoth Mountain.
  • Ride terrain park features in a ski resort’s terrain park…without falling. Rode a couple boxes in the terrain park at Northstar California.
  • Fly in a prop plane over a national park. Flew over South Dakota’s Badlands National Park in a two-seater prop plane.
  • Soar in one of the Caribbean’s cable cars. Rode in one of the Caribbean’s only cable cars in the Dominican Republic, Teleferico Puerto Plata Cable Car.
  • Teach English abroad. Taught English in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.
  • Go downhill mountain biking. Went downhill mountain biking at Northstar California.
  • Hike Los Angeles’ Hollywood Sign. Hiked the trail up to the Hollywood Sign.
  • Attend a celebrity golf tournament. Attended the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in South Lake Tahoe.
  • Hike the Pacific Crest Trail. Hiked a portion of the PCT around Lake Tahoe.
  • Do a pop-up cocktail bar. Did a one-night summer pop-up cocktail bar in Reno.
  • Get a winter ski pass. Got a Vail epic pass for the 2017 winter.
  • Work at a ski resort. Working with Vail/Northstar California for the 2017 winter ski season.
  • Start an LLC. Started my first LLC…..shhhh, it’s a secret.
  • Snowshoe the Tahoe Rim Trail. Snowshoed part of the Tahoe Rim Trail in North Lake Tahoe.
  • Live for a winter in a ski town. Lived in Reno during one of the best winters in the Sierra Nevadas.
  • Take private dance lessons. Took private salsa lessons in Los Angeles.
  • Learn to boulder. Learned to boulder at Cliffs of Id in Los Angeles.
  • Sleep amidst redwoods. One of the first guests at The Brambles, by The Madrones in the Anderson Valley, situated beneath a redwood grove.
  • Paddle through a redwood forest. Paddled down the Navarro River through Navarro River Redwoods State Park.
  • Learn to shuck oysters. Shucked oyster at Hog Island Oyster Company in Point Reyes.
  • Travel to South America. Traveled to Buenos Aires.
  • Take a trekking trip in Patagonia. Went on a 5-day trek of Torres del Paine National Park with EcoCamp.
  • Go to a World Series game.
  • Spend the night on a houseboat.
  • Get my scuba certification.
  • Make a batch of my own bourbon.
  • Visit my 48, 49th, and 50th states.
  • Sleep in a tree.
  • Take a road trip around a country (or countries) in an RV.
  • Throw the first pitch at a MLB game.
  • Dress up as a stormtrooper and go out for a night on the town.
  • Summit a 14er.
  • Go to Mardi Gras
  • Compete in a cooking competition.
  • Take a camping trip via kayak.
  • Learn to kiteboard.
  • Rappel down a waterfall.
  • Deliver a keynote.
  • Read my name in an in-flight magazine while in flight.
  • Attend Oktoberfest in Germany.
  • Go gorilla trekking.
  • Pet a whale.
  • Hike Hadrian’s Wall.
  • Drive a gondola, but not wear the scarf and hats like they do at the Venetian in Vegas.
  • Meet my kin folk in Scotland.
  • Play a round of golf at St. Andrews.
  • Go to the FIFA World Cup Championship.
  • Go spelunking.
  • Live for a season in the U.K.
  • Open a distillery.
  • Open a bar.
  • Develop an app.
  • Get on an airplane for the purpose of going on a date.
  • Take a ride in a real submarine (not one of those “play” submarines, like one with torpedos).
  • Compete in the U.S. National Toboggan Championships.
  • Hang glide at Kitty Hawk.
  • Trek Machu Picchu.