It felt appropriate to take my own little tour of South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula on my recent Australia trip (hosted by Tourism Australia/South Australia) since it borders a gulf called “Spencer Gulf”. The main city, Port Lincoln, is considered the seafood capital of Australia (sign me up), and just 50 minutes due west from Adelaide by small airplane (8+ hours by car since there are two major bodies of water between Port Lincoln and Adelaide). The combo of its uniqueness coupled with its off-the-beaten-path location made Eyre Peninsula just the kind of destination I wanted to visit. And I’m just going to come right out and say it, that the Eyre Peninsula is one of the coolest, most beautiful offbeat places I’ve ever visited.

Most of my two days up and down the Eyre Peninsula was with David Doudle, owner of Goin’ Off Safaris, who grew up farming, fishing, and discovering the very off-the-beaten-path (and I mean off-the-beaten-path) places we’d be traveling to. And the guy delivers, perhaps more than any guide I’ve ever had. In less than 36 hours, I came face to face with a koala, saw a kangaroo, went to the world’s closest winery to the ocean, and took a joyride in a 1963 Holden EJ Utility. If I would’ve requested a unicorn, I think he would have made it happen.

But while I’ll soon be sharing more about my experiences up and down the Eyre Peninsula, I first wanted to give you a little taste. So below I take you on a virtual tour of South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula in photos.

Tour of South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula

Eyre Peninsula Beach in South Australia

The clarity and color of that water though!

Kangaroo in Port Lincoln, South Australia

Just a kangaroo in a winery.

Boat coming in at sunset into Port Lincoln.

A sailboat coming in at sunset into Port Lincoln.

Oysters at Port Lincoln Restaurant in South Australia

Because oysters

Seafood restaurant in Port Lincoln, South Australia

Locally caught prawns (shrimp) at Del Giorno’s Café in Port Lincoln.

Eyre Peninsula Offbeat Beach

Hours later, still have the beach to myself.

Beachfront dining in the Eyre Peninsula

Is this what they mean by “lunch with a view?”

Grilling on the beach in Eyre Peninsula South Australia

Grilling abalone off the beach it was just gathered on.

Eyre Peninsula Beach in South Australia

Basically every beach on the Eyre Peninsula: Serene and stupid-beautiful.

Shingleback lizard in South Australia

Australia has got that whole wild thing going on with its animals. This, known as a Shingleback.

Flying over Spencer Gulf in South Australia

Obviously the views over a place called “Spencer Gulf” would be awesome.

Port Lincoln Cooking Class

The finished product (and view) from local chef Kris Bunder’s cooking class in Port Lincoln.

Tour of South Australia's Eyre Peninsula

Koalas y’all! One of about 50 that were within a quarter-mile.

Coffin Bay, Eyre Peninsula in South Australia

Parting shot: Sittin’ on the rock by the bay (near Coffin Bay).

What offbeat place do you most want to visit in Australia?