“Alaska is nothing to look at.” File that under things you aren’t likely to hear come out of someone’s mouth after visiting Alaska. Hearing friends talk about their experiences traveling to Alaska, coupled with stories of my father’s trips during my childhood, I was concerned that my expectations may have been a little too high when preparing to travel to Alaska with Expedia on Norwegian Jewel. I was worried that upon floating between large chunks of ice in Glacier Bay that I may take a peek and then mutter to myself: “Eh, this is it?” However, that didn’t happen. In fact that didn’t even come close to happening. This Alaskan cruise aboard Norwegian Jewel has allowed me to see Alaska from a perspective that few have the opportunity to. While they say that a picture is worth a thousands words, there have been multiple times over the course of this trip that I was rendered speechless at what I was seeing. Here is a little taste in 10 photos.

Norwegian Jewel leaving Seattle for Alaska.

Sunset near Ketchikan

Bald eagles maxing and relaxing in Juneau.

Humpback whale near Alaska diving down

Ships passing in the day in Glacier Bay

Sawyer Glacier in Glacier Bay

White Pass on the way from the Canada border toward Skagway

Looking out at snow covered mountains from Skagway

Lighthouse on a small island just south of Skagway

The sun reflecting off the water near Glacier Bay