You guys, California is currently one of the snowiest places on earth. The proof is in The Telegraph, which said it, naming California the snowiest place on earth. And that’s no fake news!

Just at my home resort of Northstar California (where I’m an ambassador for the winter), for example, they’ve seen 400 inches of snow. You guys, that’s more snow than many ski resorts see in an entire winter. And we’re just a few weeks into winter. Meanwhile, further south, in Mammoth Lakes, there’s been just as much snow, with more snow currently falling and more forecasted for this week. That means that Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, which is often open until May, could be open until June.

When I visited Mammoth Lakes a couple weeks ago, following the snowiest month in history, I saw it first-hand. And it was unlike anything I had ever seen. From Mammoth Lakes to June Lake to Mono Lake (<—there’s a theme with all these Sierra Nevada Mountain lakes emerging here), it was just stupid beautiful.

So today, it only seems appropriate to share photos from a corner of what The Telegraph calls the snowiest place on earth.

The road to Mammoth Mountain

All roads lead to snow…

Mammoth Mountain Ski Area Summit, considered the snowiest place on earth

I’m on top of the world! Or rather, on top of Mammoth Mountain.

Mammoth Mountain's Ski Area Summit

And the view looking up toward Mammoth Summit.

Bluebird day at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area

Needless to say, a bluebird day at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area.

Mammoth Mountain Ski Area ski runs

And bluebirding on the other side of Mammoth Mountain.

Mammoth Mountain Ski Area bluebird day

Snowboarding down Mammoth Mountain.

June Lake Frozen Over

Frozen! Completely frozen over, one of my favorite corners of California, June Lake.

That 395 House near Mammoth Lakes

Just north of June Lake, “That 395 House,” as it’s referred to on Instagram (yes, seriously).

Mono Lake Overlook in winter

One of the single most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, fog settling down in the valley below the Sierra Nevada Mountains, hovering over Mono Lake.

Mono Lake Park in California

For reference, this is what you’d be looking at on a clear day in the spring.