Ladies and gentleman, winter isn’t coming, it’s already come. Y’all, there was a frost warning in Los Angeles last night. And we’re hardly a week into winter! Alright, so perhaps that’s not very convincing. However, the numbers for California’s ski resorts, and especially those ski resorts around Lake Tahoe don’t lie.

Before the first official day of winter last week, many of Lake Tahoe’s ski resorts had already received more snow then they received all of last winter. Several feet of snow has dumped since then, with some Lake Tahoe resorts nearing snowfall totals that double last winter. May I remind you that we’re officially one week into winter.

Being the recent convert to snowboarding, and with Lake Tahoe being my favorite place to visit in the U.S., naturally I had to see this firsthand. For science, of course. And for all of you. So a couple weeks ago, I visited Lake Tahoe, a trip sandwiched between two of their biggest snowstorms of the year. I started with a couple days of snowboarding at Tahoe South’s ski resorts, before spending a few days in North Lake Tahoe. While I’ll be sharing more about my trip in the coming weeks, today I come to you with an early winter tour of California ski resorts in photos. While this doesn’t represent all of Lake Tahoe’s ski resorts (Lake Tahoe has the largest concentration of ski resorts in America after all), this will give you a good taste of what winter has brought to Lake Tahoe’s ski resorts so far.

California Ski Resorts in Photos

California ski resorts in photos: Gondola ride at Heavenly Ski resort in Lake Tahoe

Best ski resort gondola ride in the world going up Lake Tahoe’s Heavenly Mountain?

Observation Deck at Heavenly Ski Resort in South Lake Tahoe

File Heavenly Mountain’s observation deck under “Views that don’t suck.”

Heavenly Ski Resort at Tamarack Lodge

Proof of fresh snow in Lake Tahoe atop Heavenly Mountain at Tamarack Lodge.

Atop Heavenly Ski Resort in South Lake Tahoe

Heavenly Mountain Resort’s avalanche rescue dog playing (or rather, training) hide-and-go-seek. Yes, seriously.

Heavenly Mountain ski runs at Tamarack Lodge

One of Heavenly’s ski runs down to Tamarack Lodge.

Snowboarding at Sierra at Tahoe ski resort

My first run of the year at Sierra-At-Tahoe in Tahoe South….And I didn’t bite the dust!

Sierra at Tahoe ski resort in Lake Tahoe

Is tree porn a thing? If not, it should be at Sierra-At-Tahoe.

Kirkwood ski resort in winter in Tahoe South

Exhibit B of fresh snow in Lake Tahoe, this at the “local’s mountain” in Tahoe South, Kirkwood Mountain Resort. (Kirkwood photos by illustrious photographer Bobby Christian.)

Snowboarding in Lake Tahoe at Kirkwood ski resort

Snowboarding down Kirkwood Mountain. Well, someone snowboarding down it that’s better than me.

The Landing Apres Ski in Lake Tahoe

Token South Lake Tahoe après-ski drink of choice, hot toddy, at Jimmy’s at The Landing Resort & Spa.

Squaw Mountain Ski Resort Charlift

Up, up the mountain at Squaw Valley Ski Resort, which was home to the 1960 Winter Olympics.

Squaw Valley Mountain Ski Resort on North Lake Tahoe

The view overlooking Lake Tahoe from Squaw’s Gold Coast Express, just below the Pacific Crest Trail. Perhaps ski the trail this winter (rather than hiking).

Squaw Alpine Ski Resort in North Lake Tahoe

The view atop another of Squaw Valley’s ski runs. I believe this is what they mean by “bluebird day.”

Lake Tahoe Northstar at the Ritz Hotel

From bluebird afternoons atop Squaw to bluebird mornings at The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe at Northstar California Resort.

Northstar ski resort apres ski

Parting après-ski drink, the barrel-aged Manhattan at Manzanita Restaurant at the Ritz.