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Blah, blah, blah, I’m a great speaker because of A, B, C and have been named by D, E, F as the great speaker in the world because I’ve spoken at X, Y, Z. That’s a lot, but it sounds like just about every speaker page I’ve ever seen. And if you’ve landed here, then you’re probably more interested in learning more about who I am (and what I’m passionate about) and the topics that I speak about. That, or you’re my super-attentive family or close friends that are double-checking my spelling and grammar (love you!)

But now to brass tacks. Let’s not waste anymore of your time. Topics I’ve spoken about in the past have included:

– Career breaks and long-term travel.

– Writing (Especially as it relates to travel, food, and drink).

– Digital marketing.

– Travel trends.

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Below you’ll see a little bit more about where I’ve spoken at and the topics I’ve covered. If you’re interested in having me speak at your event, then shoot me an email with a little bit more information about the event, budget, and what you foresee me speaking about. If you ask nicely enough, I may even juggle at your event at no extra charge. I won’t, however, dress up as a clown. Because that’s just weird, unless your job is a clown.


Helped organize and spoke consecutive years at Meet, Plan, Go in San Francisco, which is an organization with events around that world that equips people who are interested in taking career breaks.





Spoke consecutive years on panels about collaborations between travel bloggers/influencers and brands.



Keen Digital Media


Spoke at the inaugural KEEN Digital Summit in Nashville about blogger/brand collaborations.





Spoke at one of the largest tourism conferences, Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI), in Las Vegas, on a panel, sharing insights on destination marketing and how tourism brands can better tap into social and digital content.






Spoke on a panel at one of the leading travel industry conferences, PhoCusWright, about how brands could better tap into the power of social media.




ETourism Frontiers

E-Tourism Frontiers

Gave a talk to the E-Tourism Africa Summit in both Johannesburg and Cape Town about the future of travel and how travel companies can better innovate.