So summer evidently arrives in Los Angeles this week. Or at least summer, as most people tend to think about it. While it was a nippy (nippy to me at least) and windy 60 degrees at the beach on Saturday, it warms up this week to a balmy 97 degrees in L.A.. So I’ve virtually unrolled a scroll, made a quill pen and dabbled it in ink to start making my summer life/bucket list.

If you follow me on my blog or on other social channels, then you know that 2013 was something of a bucket list year for me. Upon turning 30 I set out to take on a one-year bucket/life list of things I had always said I wanted to do, but never done. The goal: To do at least 30 of those things. Not one to skimp, I instead did 38. The list was quite a mashup, from attending a taping of a primetime television show (The Sing-Off) to learning to snowboard to going paragliding to flying a plane and a whole lot more.

But I didn’t want to stop there. I wanted more. I wanted to keep the momentum going because it still left me with a lot of things that I’ve talked about wanting to do, but have never done. So on my 31st birthday a couple months ago, rather than start a “400 by 40” list (my friends’ ideas, not mine), I instead decided to make a monthly challenge: At least once per month, take on an adventure, challenge  or activity that I’ve never done. That list thus far has included going to the airport without a plane ticket to take the first flight to a destination I’ve never been to (Kauai) and driving a snowmobile for the first time. And now, with the first 90-degree day at my doorstep, it’s time to look toward summer.

Next weekend finds me taking my first summer bucket list trip of the year, when I hop on a plane for “The Emerald Coast,” as some people call it, to Panama City Beach, Florida. I’ve teamed up with Travel Mindset and Panama City Beach to kick off their summer bucket list campaign. Right?! I didn’t know Panama City Beach was so bucket list-y either. I’ll dive into the ocean. I’ll visit an uninhabited island. And I won’t come back until I’ve seen a sunset. This has all motivated me to write down and share with you below a little something-something of a 2014 summer bucket list. I’ll of course be blogging about much of it here, as well as sharing photos and updates on Twitter and Instagram.

NHL hockey playoffs

My summer bucket list really kicks off with one last winter sports hoorah TONIGHT! It’s my first NHL playoff game. Go Kings!

Scuba diving okinawa japan

After talking about scuba diving for years, I finally went for the first time in Okinawa, Japan recently and am now hooked. Next up: Getting certified. Oh yes, there’s diving in Panama City.

Making craft beer

No no, I’m not drinking my first beer, but I AM making my first batch of my OWN beer. The homebrewing kit is unboxed and I’m ready to hop(<<see what I did there) to it.

Paragliding Maui

When did the kid who was afraid of heights become the guy who likes dangling in the sky? I loved paragliding so much that now I’m read to go hang gliding off the coast of California.


Lake Powell houseboat

Everybody look at me cause I’m sailin’ on a boat! Am I the only one who never gets tired of yelling out, “I’m on a boat!”? I have a LONG California bucket list and at the top is boating on Lake Tahoe.

Hot air balloon

People often ask me why I’ve never been up in a hot air balloon when I can do it almost anywhere. The answer? I have very specific instructions. And until a belle who isn’t afraid of heights that I can make out with in the basket is willing to go, then I’m not going.

Australia Great Barrier Reef

I’ve yet to travel abroad this year and I believe that it’s high time that I not only travel abroad, but travel to a new continent. Will it be Australia? Maybe South America? Time will tell.

Drive an antique car

I’m really a simple man of simple pleasures. I mean is it too much to ask to want to ride in an antique car? What’s better is that the Automobile Driving Museum in Los Angeles lets you do just that. Did I just blow your mind?

Glacier National Park

Fly a helicopter over Glacier National Park. Because when in Montana…


What’s on your summer bucket list?

The participants in this Bucket List campaign will be in Panama City from May 4 to 7; you can follow all of our adventures on Travel Mindset or via the #PCBeachBucketList hashtag on social media.