I’m a Traveler. AND a Tourist.

“A person who travels.” Can you guess whether that is the definition of a tourist […]

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Friday Photos (#FriFotos): I’m on a Boat Edition

It’s Friday, which can only mean one thing. Okay, maybe it means a few things, […]

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Off the Grid (and Land) on Lake Powell

“I bet Charlton Heston came here,” I firmly stated as I got out of the […]

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5 National Parks You May Have Never Visited

Quick, name five national parks in America not named the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, or Yellowstone. […]

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Experiencing Alaska By Cruise Ship

It has been mere days since I disembarked Norwegian Jewel, making it both my first […]

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First Impressions of Alaska: Big and Beautiful

There are just some destinations that it seems like everyone says that you have to […]

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A Photo Essay of Alaska From an Alaskan Cruise

“Alaska is nothing to look at.” File that under things you aren’t likely to hear […]

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If Not All Who Wander Are Lost, Where Are They Going?

As I begin to merge with traffic and approach the bridge, I begin to slow […]

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An Interview with Norwegian Cruise Line Crew Members

My summer of travel has arrived; what I’m dubbing the “Summer of Spence”, in true […]

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The One-Way Ticket to San Francisco I Never Came Back From

“What’s your final destination today Mr. Spellman?” It’s a question I’m asked every single time […]

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