Photo Essay: Record-Breaking Winter in Lake Tahoe

You guys, this winter was all-time in Lake Tahoe, literally. California’s drought ended, Northern California […]

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My 11 Best Los Angeles Travel Tips

Let’s be honest: Los Angeles isn’t a city. It’s more like a state, or even […]

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Fall Northern California Weekend Getaway: Donner Lake

Ladies and gentlemen, Lake Tahoe isn’t the only amazing lake in the High Sierras. The […]

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10 of my Favorite California Breweries

Ladies and gentleman, rejoice, because it’s National Drink Beer Day. Yes, that is absolutely a […]

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Photo Essay: Big Sur, California on the Pacific Coast Highway

You guys, Big Sur, California, without a shadow of a doubt, is one of my […]

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Photo Essay: Sonoma’s Dry Creek Valley Wine Region

Y’all, it’s September, which can only mean one thing. No, I’m not talking about the […]

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Wine Tasting Workouts in Sonoma’s Dry Creek Valley

As much as I love going to my kitchen for a craft beer from the […]

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Eat, Play, Stay in Sonoma’s Dry Creek Valley

You guys, Sonoma’s Dry Creek Valley may just be one of my favorite corners on […]

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North Lake Tahoe Ski, Craft Beer, and Music Festival

Festival season is the best season. Is that a quote? Because if it’s not a […]

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10 Surprising Things to Do in North Lake Tahoe

When you think spring in a major ski destination like Lake Tahoe, what do you […]

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