Discovery and Finding Home in Unlikely Places

Three months ago this past week, I ripped up the roots I had made in L.A., […]

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Reflections on a Life of Travel and Retiring The Traveling Philosopher Blog

I’m not going to beat around the bush; this is the last post here on The Traveling Philosopher. And by some definitions, therefore my last blog post as a travel blogger.

It was four years ago that I had recently arrived in Costa Rica, the first Latin America stop on what was to be something of an indefinite, long-term trip around the world. Just months prior I had started this blog, The Traveling Philosopher, as a place that I could color outside the lines. Somewhere that I could put on paper everything that was in my head, where I didn’t have to abide by a publication’s style guide or an editor’s do and don’t list. I wanted it to be an expression of my feelings. And there was a lot, like unresolved feelings about the passing of my father, anger at the loss of my dream job, disappointment at a pile of debt, and discouragement of an impending divorce.


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What I’ve Learned From Both Living Nomadically and Discovering Home

My first trip to Los Angles was when I was 11. It’s one of the most vivid trips from my childhood. Part of it I can remember as if it was yesterday, like breakfast (and the subsequent conversation with our waitress) one morning at the InterContinental Hotel Los Angeles, located just off Santa Monica Boulevard in Century City. “Oh, you are nearly a Southern Californian being so tall and with such curly hair, but not with that accent.” I blushed, as she continued on, telling me that maybe, just maybe I’d be playing for the Lakers being so tall. 20 years later and I’m back in Los Angeles, just off Santa Monica Boulevard still, but this time I call it home.


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Winners Sometimes Quit and Quitters Sometimes Win

I sat on a bench in Savannah’s Ellis Square, rubbing my forehead with my hand (as I often do when I’m nervous or stressed), as I held the phone up to my ear with my other hand while my mom gave me one of her staple pep talks.

“Well son, I don’t think you need to jump right into dating.”

I chuckled, quickly snapping back to my mom, “Mom, I’m getting a divorce, and as far as I’m concerned, girls have cooties.”

Here I was, a 27-year old southern man, looking at a pile of debt, facing a divorce in the same year that I had worked as a clerk for a family-owned video store and telling my mom that girls had cooties. At that point, it couldn’t have gotten much worse. And so it was, on the first trip that I had taken in well over a year,  I had the first of a series of epiphanies. I hung up with my mom, set the phone on the bench and like the Ben Harper song, headed for the door and walked away…From all of it.


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Travel as a Means to Finding a Home

It was three years ago this month that both my best trip and best decision […]

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Falling in Love…with the Journey to a Place Called Home – Part 2

I pulled the heavily-laded SUV to the end of the driveway and paused momentarily, looking […]

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A Deeper Love for Home Because of Travel

“This is normal”, grinned my seatmate, as I hit the back of my head against […]

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What Exactly is Home Anymore?

While the rest of the passengers pause as they come out of the jetway at […]

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There and Back Again, Part 3: The Quest for Home Continues

Do you ever get the feeling that maybe the story you’re intent on telling, isn’t […]

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There and Back Again, Part 1: Home

Two days in and this week has all the makings of home. Driving through neighborhoods, […]

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