On the Red Carpet at the 2015 Oscars

“Your Academy Awards Invitation.” That was the subject line of an email I received a few […]

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Movie-Inspired Cocktails

Nominations for The Oscars were announced last week and I’ve seen all but one of […]

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If Everyone Else Jumped Off a Bridge, Would You?

As a child, I lived my life through stories, and more specifically, what I considered […]

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If Your Life is a Story, is it One Worth Telling?

The wind whistles all around me, blowing so hard that I have to pull the […]

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North Carolina was Cool Before The Hunger Games

Yes, I did in fact watch The Hunger Games on the day it came out. […]

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5 TV Shows That Inspire Travel

You’ve probably heard about and maybe even seen many of the most popular movies that […]

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Movie Monday: Your Case of the Mondays Cure

I’ve been making some changes around here. Call it spring cleaning, if you like labels. […]

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