Eat your favorite childhood foods at these restaurants

Pop-tarts, fruit roll-ups, pizza bagel bites, corn dogs, peanut butter and jelly. What do all […]

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Summer’s Search for Frozen (Adult) Drinks Around America

Anyone who knows me or follows me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, knows that there […]

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Photo Essay: Finding Your Travel Moment

What is it that you’ve gained from travel? Did you meet your significant other or […]

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The Spirit of Travel Among Americans

What is it that helps make up the fabric of Americans? Patriotism?  Work ethic? A […]

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Fleet Week: Fighter Jets and Missile Destroyers Oh My

“When I was visiting mom, I stayed in your room and it was like you […]

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The Event that Changed my Life

“Well this is as good of a time to stop as any.” All I needed […]

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The World is my Playground

This is my blog. Thus, it’s somewhat of my practice field. It’s 12:30 a.m. early […]

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Travel: A Story as Told by Conversations and Experiences

I don’t consider myself a profound communicator. I make this weird clicking sound with my […]

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Reliving my Childhood While on the Road

There’s a painting hanging up in the guest bedroom of my mom’s house. In it, […]

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Traveler’s Profile: Project Explorer

As you’ve noticed, I’ve started profiling different people in travel I like and support. While […]

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