A Taste of the Drinks of Costa Rica

When generally talking about the foods and drinks of Central America, I often find that […]

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Inspiring Sustainable Travel Through Stories

Is sustainable travel in fact sustainable? Think about it. Is the idea of sustainable travel […]

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Volcano Hopping in Central America

I live and die by television shows and movies. I’m not above just randomly interjecting […]

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11 Things I Learned From Being a Traveling Nomad

I looked at my calendar today, took in a big breath, and muttered: “13 days.” […]

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What Living Abroad Has Taught Me

In many ways, I consider what I’ve been doing the last couple months more of […]

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Reflections on Turning 28 and Ridin’ Solo

“Now that’s just pathetic.” Confused, I looked up to see an older woman standing over […]

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10 Things Traveling Through Central America Has Taught Me

This has been a particularly insightful week in Costa Rica. Why, you ask? I don’t […]

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Passport Checks, and Beaches, and Iguanas, Oh My

After 24 hours of cancellations, delays, and layovers, I finally made it to Coco, Costa […]

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