Find Your Defining Travel Moment

Life’s one defining moment. It seems almost as elusive as love. What exactly is one’s […]

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Does Traveling Abroad Offer a More Valuable Experience Than Traveling Domestically?

My series on the philosophy of travel continues today by asking the question: Does traveling […]

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Experiential Travel Without Boarding a Plane

I eagerly ran downstairs when I heard the doorbell ring, knowing that my mattress was […]

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Traveling Solo and Love Like the Movies

“Uh, hello?!” I couldn’t get her attention. I had given the stare. You know, what […]

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Recapturing the Wonder of Your Childhood

This evening feels so familiar. It’s not that different than the last few nights. At […]

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There and Back Again, Part 2: Reentry

Day 1: I get in my rental car and review my list. On this list, […]

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