30 of the Best Things to Do in Philadelphia

Spring Break! Which is just what I’m doing. So I asked my good friend, storyteller, […]

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Travel Guide to South Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, and especially South Lake Tahoe, is easily one of my favorite corners of […]

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Why You Should Visit Downtown Las Vegas

Because it’s not the Las Vegas Strip. “Le duh Spence,” you may be saying to yourself. But hear me out. Why do people come to Vegas? For the nightlife, the gambling, the food, the shows, and the novelty of the Las Vegas Strip that is unrivaled? But it’s exactly those reasons that many people don’t like Las Vegas.

“There’s no culture.”

“Everything is so expensive.”

“It’s so touristy.”


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Interactive Travel Guide: Hawaii

43, 44, 45, 46. No, I’m not counting how many days in a row it […]

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Closure of the Washington State Tourism Office

Funny how the things we seem to need the most — those things that seem […]

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My Travel Non-Negotiable

I don’t consider it a broad-sweeping statement that everyone has their “non-negotiables”. Maybe you only […]

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Interactive Travel Guide-The U.K.

As I wrote about a couple months ago in What the Price is Right and […]

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Not For Tourists 2011 NYC Guidebook

If you know anything about me, than you probably know that Black Friday isn’t exactly […]

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