Travel as a Means to Finding a Home

It was three years ago this month that both my best trip and best decision […]

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Fall in Love…with Nashville

The following is a guest post from good friend, colleague, and mentor Kristin Luna, of […]

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When Life Gives You Lemons, Travel the World

I had been looking at the clock on the wall above my desk for hours, […]

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Is Travel an Act of Irresponsibility?

It’s a moment of decision – one that is signified by my nervous foot tapping […]

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A Field Guide to a Travel Show

Is it really the final week of January? It seems like just yesterday that my […]

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Exploring the Philosophy of Travel

“So you’re kind of like the philosophical traveler”. My friend’s father noted this as we […]

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11 Things I Learned from Travel in 2011

I’m not big on end-of-the-year posts about what I did or what I’m going to […]

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Stay in California Wine Country

I breathed in heavily and then back out as I saw my breath clearly in […]

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The “Broke as Hell” East Coast Book Tour

From time to time I love promoting cool projects and people on my blog. Often […]

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Livin’ the Dream

Like so many of my posts, this came off the whim this past weekend during […]

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