Traveling to Just Be

I let out a big sigh, one that is out of gratification, rather than frustration, […]

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Surf Camp on Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands

I sat nervously by the window – tapping my feet, biting my nails, and peering […]

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The Canary Islands, a European Holiday Destination

“You’re the first American customer we’ve ever had.” As soon as my surf instructor told […]

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If Not All Who Wander Are Lost, Where Are They Going?

As I begin to merge with traffic and approach the bridge, I begin to slow […]

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Striking a Balance Between Traveling and Vacationing

It’s a familiar sight to me. Dusk starts to fall on the day as rays […]

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Is Travel an Act of Irresponsibility?

It’s a moment of decision – one that is signified by my nervous foot tapping […]

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Are Travel Fees Taking the Value Out of Travel?

It seems like most travelers these days are lumped into two groups: Budget or luxury […]

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Help! I’m an American Dream Dropout

Last month I took one day off. One. “HYPOCRITE”. For those who follow me regularly, […]

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The Spirit of Travel Among Americans

What is it that helps make up the fabric of Americans? Patriotism?  Work ethic? A […]

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The Philosophy of Travel: Are Travelers Happier People?

All I’ve ever known is travel. I flew on an airplane for the first time […]

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