What the Traveling Philosopher Reads: 5 Summer Book Recommendations

Who’s your favorite philosopher? What travel memoirs do you recommend? What should I read if […]

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The Quarter-Life Bucket List Trip

I originally wrote this post two weeks ago, but trashed it. I never want to […]

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What Aromatic Soap and Heart-Shaped Tubs Taught Me About Passion

I find that while most products in the world work, they don’t work as they’re […]

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5 Things That Writing a Novel in a Month is Teaching Me

I’m writing a novel. Or rather, I’m attempting to write at least 50,000 words of […]

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5 Reasons You Should Do That Thing You Can’t

“Spence, certainly you know the ‘women’s tee rule’ by now,” Michael yelled as I placed […]

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Write Your Own Story: Who Are You?–Part 3

When I sat down several months ago and starting pinning down the words for my […]

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Write Your Own Story

I often like to consider myself a visionary. However, the problem is often that […]

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